Roma, God and Church

debating evening about Roma and non Roma people
Pavel Kuchař, Vojtěch Vágai, Pavel Kubaník
Barock Refectory of the St. Giles Dominican Priory in Prague
Praha, Jilská 7a
wensday 14. november 2012, 19:30

What is the attitude of the Catholic Church to Roma christian people and Roma people as whole? What is the faith and spiritual life of Roma people? How to work with the Roma identity in the Church and society? Which values do bring the Roma people to the Church and society? Could the Church open a space, where Roma and non Roma people can meet and work together, share the same values and try togethr to fullfill them?

The Guests of the Debate will be Pavel Kuchař, member of the Salesians Comunity, university teacher, who devote himself to the work with Roma youth, Vojtěch Vágai, catholic priest of Roma origin, and Pavel Kubaník, researcher at Roma studies at the Charles University in Prague. The evening will moderate Zuzanna Bedřichová. The debate frames in the barock refectory the installation of the korean artist Hong Soun My dream – My avatar, where the artist worked also with roma children. More you can find here:

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