Choi Jeonghwa
Breathing Flower / Red Lotus

Benedictine Archabbey of St Adalbert and St Margaret
in Břevnov / Prague
october 2012

Meeting of the East and the West. The visit of a relative. Lotus is a symbol of meditation, enlightment, spiritual adulthood, depth and width of the eastern spirituality. And who else should welcome him as a pleasant guest then Břevnov and its benedictines? The Břevnov monastery is one of the oldest places of christian tradition in Czech republic, the benedictines are a symbol of stability, monastic spirituality of wisdom and knowledge of non accidental conections and relations.

JW Stella & Norbert Schmidt


The coorganiser and host is the Benedictine Archabbay of St Adalbert and St Margaret in Břevnov in Prague led by Prokop Siostrzonek OSB, the intervention is  is provided by the Subprior Alexius Vandrovec OSB. Special Thanks to Jana Tomášková and Ondřej Funda (TINA B.).

foto © Petr Neubert

foto © JW Stella Arts Collectives